From March 26th till April 04th 2021

Direction North, beyond the polar circle. Where time stopped and where we are just coming out of the polar nights.

A partir de 2690
  • Ski level - Good skiers over that ski black pistes and off piste.
  • Participants - 5-8 Pax
  • Equipment - Ski & Snowboard freeride
  • Positive elevation - none
  • Region - 2 to 10’000m / day
  • Altitude - Khibiny's
  • Accommodation - 400 to 1’200m
  • Accommodation - hotel 3*or equivalent

Destination Kirovsk, Russia, located beyond the Arctic Circle in the Kola Peninsula. At the foot of the Khibiny’s range.
It’s a unique freeride trip: 2/3 hours by plane, an evening in St. Petersburg, 20 hours by train, 30 minutes by snowmobile and you can ride the circus of Tafta. However, over then thirty magnificent runs for all levels, from open slopes to narrow couloirs, easy cruising to steep section, but without anyone, moreover on 600 to 900m of unevenness in unlimited access! And it’s sitting on your snowmobile, with the binoculars, that you can, at the foot of all these faces, choose your next line.
No time to breathe that you are at the top again, the snowmobile is the fastest ski lift ever. And then, well, we start again!
The Khibiny massif is a circular mountain range 45 km long and of medium altitude. The highest peak rises to 1’201m altitude. To sum up because of the proximity of the sea and its geographical location, due north, winter goes from October to June. The weather conditions of these latitudes allow to find a cold snow even at low altitude.