These general terms and conditions of sale apply to all bookings for ski and/or snowboard instructional services.
The Services are more fully described on the NINGUIS website, available at:

To conduct their business, the Schools hold the following authorisations:
Megeve & Chamonix : authorisation no waiting for the number issued by DDCSPP DE LA HAUTE SAVOIE

Article 2 – BOOKING & PAYMENT :
Further to your request, we send you a booking form according to our availabilities. Bookings will not be final until a payment of 50% of the total booking fee is made to Megeve Ski Escape’s bank account.
Final payment can also be made also through the bank before arrival or in cash directly to the coach on the first day of training. We do not accept credit cards on the slopes.
The unconfirmed proposals by payment will be cancelled and will not correspond to a booking.
A booking proposal cannot be maintained beyond a certain time. After sending a booking proposal and without confirmation payment, we are able to cancel the option without notice.

Article 3 – CANCELLATION :
In case of cancellation from the client’s side.
– more than 1 month before the beginning of the course; 100% refund.
– Between 4 and 2 weeks before arrival; 70% refund
– Between 15 and 7 days before arrival; 50% refund
– 7 DAYS or less before arrival; No refund. 100% payable.
We highly recommand our clients to have a trip cancellation insurance for the refund of the amount paid.
– Any service interrupted or not consumed due to an insufficient physical and / or technical level will not give rise to any refund or exchange of benefit.
– If the pupil is unable to attend the course at the scheduled time or date, whatever the reason, no claim will be accepted and no refund or deferral will be made – In case of stoppage of the courses independent of our will (stop of the ski lifts, bad weather, safety measures etc …) no refund can be made. In the event that the customer is unavailable during the period of his stay and is unable to attend the activities he has paid, he will not be able to obtain the refund unless he subscribes to a standard “carré neige” insurance.

Article 4 – INVOLVEMENT :
The customer attests possess no cons-indication to the practice of ski. The client agrees to respect the instructions given by the ski instructor and to have insurance for the risks associated to winter sports.   The ski instructors reserve the right to modify, with or without notice, any program according to the weather or safety conditions without any of the participants being able to claim any compensation. The timetables of the courses can be modified according to the hours of opening and closing of the ski lifts.

Article 5 – EQUIPMENT :
Equipment suitable for winter sports is essential.

Article 6 – INSURANCE :
Ninguis Ski Schools do not include personal insurances. Ninguis Ski Schools professionals are covered by liability insurance. Each client must ensure that he / she is adequately covered by insurance covering the risks associated with the practice of the activity corresponding to the reserved service. Ninguis Ski Schools can not be held responsible for the non-insurance of their customers.

Article 7 – SKI PASSES :
The ski pass is mandatory for all and is not included in the Ninguis Ski Schools service.

All our Ninguis instructors are fully certified and hold a license to practice ski instruction and it’s associated disciplines.
Our ski instructors are independent professional graduates. The feasibility of any program is subject to the judgment of the instructors according to the weather, snow conditions and moral and physical fitness of the participants.

Article 09 – HELMET USE :
Because snow sports entail risks, use of a helmet is required for children under age 13, and is highly recommended for all participants.
Helmet use is mandatory in snowboard lessons, regardless of age.
The Companies and Schools also highly recommend back protection for children. Wrist & knees protection as well as padded shorts for snowboarders.

The client, his beneficiaries or his successors in title can not engage the responsibility of the ski school or it’s ski instructors for an injury or other intervened during the activities.

The general conditions of sale are subject exclusively to Swiss law. In case of dispute only the courts within whose jurisdiction the compagny is located will be competent.

Article 12 – RIGHT TO PICTURE :
Gives Megeve Ski Escape permission to publish, display or broadcast the photo(s) and videos taken by Megeve Ski Escape and who represent me. This authorization applies to all uses (publications, website …) This authorization shall be valid for an unlimited period of time.

From 19 December 2020 to 10 January 2021.
From 06 February 2021 to 08 March 2021.

From 09.00 to 13.00
From 13.30 to 17.00

All Day
From 09.00 to 17.00

From 01 November 2020 to 18 December 2020.
From 11 January 2021 to 06 February 2021.
From 08 March 2021 to the end of the season.


Article 01 – This agreement is valid only between the client and the personal trainer named below.

Article 02 – The athlete attests possess no cons-indication to the practice of physical activity.

Article 03 – The athlete certify the accuracy of their responses “Health Assessment”.

Article 04 – The athlete undertakes to inform the personal trainer of any change in his health that could obstruct the smooth running of the drive.

Article 05 – The workouts can be canceled by the athlete or coach up to 48 hours before the agreed date and rescheduled at a later date. If cancellation by the customer is made less than 48 hours before the agreed appointment, the unit is canceled without consideration. All unused units because of leave or other reasons can not be postponed during the period mentioned below.

Article 06 – Unless otherwise specified in this contract, the general conditions for members are also in force.

Article 07 – Any clause accessory requires the written form to be valid..