The Ultimate Training

It is based on the natural movements of the body, such as; walking, running, jumping, pulling, pushing, lifting …
Functional training is based on the daily movements.
Our body is designed to work globally as a unit.
We should always seek to include the training of the lap belt low back as a much more complex exercise.
The true core consists of the deep muscles surrounding the spine, this is the basis of all movements.
In addition the latest proven scientific research is a high intensity short training gives better results for losing fat.


Development of motor learning: coordination, balance and proprioception.
More lumbo abdominal stability.
Increased performance.
High energy consumption, body fat loss.
Physical and mental well being.


Body weight training.
Circuits fun training.
Gymnastics exercises.
Olympic Weightlifting.
Bands, kettlebells, TRX
And many other more fun techniques.

Ultimate Fitness By Ninguis


– Achieving its goals
– Feeling good physically and mentally
– Develop specific movements in your sport favorites
– Improve endurance, strength and power and therefore its performance
– Avoid Injury
– Improve metabolism for weight loss and health
– Discover new training methods

1. Emphasize QUALITY not quantity
2. Talk about RISE and not of regression
3. Do not FUNDAMENTAL specialization.
4. Locate the SIMPLICITY and not complexity
5. Know DIVERSITY not the monotony.
6. Feel the Movement and not the muscles.