– Duration of flights depending on weather conditions

– Possibility of gopro film on all types of flights, price 30€, advise us in advance

– All prices include the pilot’s performance as well as passenger insurance and approved equipment, if you have any doubts about tandem paragliding ask your insurance

– The lift ticket is not included.

– Always have a small windstop jacket to fly, light trouser, good trainers shoes, don’t forget your sunglasses too !

– All tandem flights are dependent on the opening of the lifts.

– If you want to be sure to fly, please book one or two days before

– Paiements after the flight by cash or by revolut transfert app

– All instructors are fully certified french paragliding instructor

– If the pilot is a bit late, no worry, wait for him on the bench and he will come asap

– Children generaly fly in the morning until 10h when the winds are usually light

– For Aiguille du midi flights : Equipment can be rented from Pro Shop Concept (crampon shoes, crampons, shoulder harness) behind the midday hand. Allow 3 hours of your time between appointment time and landing in Chamonix.



Télécabine de Planpraz – rue Henriette d’Angeville – 74400 Chamonix

Coordonnées GPS :45.924251834328899 / 6.8631720542907697



Téléphérique de l’aiguille du midi. 100, place de l’aiguille du midi 74400 Chamonix

Coordonnées GPS :

45.918566 / 6.870080


Generally we land at Clos du Savoy for 9h to 13h flights and Bois du Bouchet for later flights
The pilot will advise which landing field depending upon weather conditions.

Clos du Savoy : Lat: 45°55’40.33″N Long: 6°52’7.67″E
Bois du Bouchet : Lat: 45°55’45.87″N Long: 6°52’38.51″E