Personal training at home in Geneva.

No more excuses, Tomorrow is a word, which does not exist in our vocabulary.

Carpe DIEM !!!   As of today, start your engine to go down the road to becoming fit.

Your life will already change after just a few sessions, making you feel better physically and mentally.
Together, we will help you take back control of your body.

Our mission is to help you feel better and perform better in all the things you do.

Personal training

Every Workout Tailored to Your Needs

Specific training


Recovering from injuries or surgery

Medical issues

Weight loss

Or just for moving and fun


We don’t do boring. Every fitness workout is fresh to keep you engaged, at home, outside or in a studio, anywhere on Geneva right side.


There is no secret, if you want to lose weight and get fitter, you have to go for a diet. More precisely, the diet rebalancing action on fat loss and on your eating habits.

For example ; One glass of wine is the equivalent of 40 min walking.

The question is where is the negative caloric balance between the calories you get into your body and the ones you are burning. We work with professional dietician to help you to achieve your goal.

One team to your victory.

Small Group

Small Group Training sessions are full body workouts that scale to many different fitness levels. That means our trainers create variations on every exercise. You can choose the progression that works for your body and your fitness level.

You are a group of friends and you want to have fun, challenge yourself and feel better in your daily life. This is for you guys.
We cap the sessions at 6 people.

Each session is a full body workout that combines functional resistance training and cardio. Gain strength, increase your cardio endurance and activity tolerance, and move in all planes of motion. Appropriate for most ability levels.

It is now or never
The first step is always the hardest

Don’t sit

Get Fit

Beast mode



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